Foods That Fight Cancer

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No single food or food component can protect you against cancer by itself. But strong evidence does show that a diet filled with a variety of plant foods such as vegetables, fruits, whole grains and beans helps lower risk for many cancers.

Foods Can Fight Cancer Both Directly …

In laboratory studies, many individual minerals, vitamins and phytochemicals demonstrate anti-ca


ncer effects. Yet evidence suggests it is the synergy of compounds working together in the overall diet that offers the strongest cancer protection.

… And Indirectly

Carrying excess body fat increases the risk of seven cancers. Vegetables and fruits are low in calories, which help us get to and stay a healthy weight. Whole grains and beans are rich in fiber and moderate in calories, which also help in weight management efforts.
That is why The Cancer Fighting Chef recommends filling at least 2/3 of your plate with vegetables, fruit, whole grains and beans.
Research on foods that fight cancer – and that may also aid cancer survival – is ongoing and active.

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